it all began…

…in a box 16 years ago. Yep, a box full of art supplies and the idea that art is for everyone!

In 2002, Vicky Ojerio marched to the local Boys and Girls Club with a box of art supplies and volunteered to teach art. She wanted to provide art to as many people as she could. After teaching high school art, she opened Inspyr Arts Studio in Long Beach, California in 2008 with the same mission in mind – ART for EVERYONE!

With the studio, she was able to reach hundreds of homeschool and after school students daily, giving them the mentoring they needed to live out their artistic dreams. The studio also provided programs for non-profits, cancer patients, victims of human trafficking, people struggling with addiction, and most of all – schools!

However, with dwindling art funds for schools, and the added busyness of families, art became burdensome to many.

In 2018, working with a talented team of expert videographers, illustrators, and passionate teaching artists, inspyrartsED was created.

We believe that inspyrartsED has the power to uplift, encourage, and inspire youth with easy-to-follow art lessons that are accessible for everyone.

Inspyr Arts, Art Studio, Long Beach, California