Happy 4th of July!

We’re so thrilled that you’re joining us for some festive art projects! Did you know that Independence Day is actually on July 2nd? July 2, 1776 is the day that the Continental Congress actually voted for independence. However, July 4th was when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

The project above is a great starting point for this bundle. Get ready to learn a little about drawing perspective while creating your own Waving Flag. Whenever you’re ready, dive into the other projects we hand picked for you! Scroll down to the Projects section to learn who gave the Statue of Liberty to the Untied States, and some neat facts about two incredible American artists: TC Cannon & Alma Thomas.

Starry Night & the Astronauts – Alma Thomas

– Tempera Paint

Statue of Liberty

– Chalk Pastel & Tempera Paint

Turn of the Century Dandy – TC Cannon

– Chalk Pastel & Tempera Paint


Starry Night and the Astronauts


Grades: 2 – 3

Medium: Tempera Paint

Continue the inspiration with this abstract painting by expressionist artist Alma Thomas! She was inspired by the space expeditions of the 1960’s, and created this...

Statue of Liberty

Grades: K – 3

Medium: Chalk Pastel, Tempera

Join us in drawing this awesome Statue of Liberty sunset! We'll be learning some fun facts about the United States while also learning how...

Turn of the Century Dandy


Grades: 3 – 6+

Medium: Chalk Pastel, Tempera Paint

Artist, musician, veteran, poet, and so much more: TC Cannon lived an incredible and creative life. Learn about his his life and work while...