A unique path for every artist

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We believe every budding artist has a unique path to experience!

We are committed to representing both male and female artists from different backgrounds, so your child can connect with an artist that looks like them, or learn about a new culture.

inspyrartsED is a great tool to mentor your imaginative kindergartener, animal lover, anime fanatic, or up-and-coming fashion designer.


Our fun, easy-to-follow video lessons will let your child work independently. (Can we get an amen?)

We are committed to creating a diverse collection of lessons, letting your child explore their different and changing interests – from cartoons one day, to classical landscapes the next.

Your young artist can explore their creativity and develop their talents at their pace with our guided lessons. (Did we mention this is great for siblings, too?)

We’re an approved vendor for:


  Sky Mountain

  Golden Valley

  Summit Academy

  Valiant Academy

  Sage Oak



  Epic Charter School

We know that charter funds take time to process, so all we would need in order to start your subscription is a screenshot of your request to your ES. Email us at inspyrartsED@gmail.com, or contact us on the website when you’ve done so!
Don’t see your charter? Send us your charter school request paperwork!
We’d love to be part of your vendor list!


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150+ Ad-Free Video Lessons
VPA Standards Listed on Each Lesson Page
Downloadable Art History PowerPoint Presentations
Printable Activity Worksheets
Printable Classroom Display Materials
Access to our Artist Support Staff
Mobile and Tablet Friendly
Good for 1 Device at a Time & Cancel Anytime

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