Down under fluffies

G’Day mates! We only have 1 day left in camp but we still have so many cute furry animals to bring you! Today we’re going to Australia to paint the adorable Koala and Kangaroo Joey!

Koala (2-4)

  • Watercolor Pencil

Kangaroo Joey (K-2)

  • Watercolor Pencil

Warm Up & Projects

Demo: Watercolor Pencil

Grades: K – 6+

Medium: Watercolor Pencil

Use this video to discover the unique techniques of Watercolor Pencils! How many textures can you make? Artist Techniques:  dip and drag, wet pencil, dry blend,...

Sleeping Koala

Grades: 2 – 4

Medium: Watercolor Pencil

Koala's spend about 22 hours sleeping each day, so why not draw them sleeping! Join us to recreate this koala today. Art Techniques: shapes, tracing, shadows,...

Kangaroo Joey

Grades: K – 3

Kangaroo babies (otherwise known as joeys), are so adorable! Join us as we draw this joey learning to take their first few steps outside...