fuzzy ocean animals

Time to take a swim in the ocean! Join us to explore some of the cutest ocean animals: the Arctic Seal, and Marine Otters.

Watercolor Cake Demo

  • Watercolor

Arctic Seal (K-3)

  • Watercolor

Marine Otters (1-6)

  • Watercolor

Demo: Cake Watercolor

Grades: K – 6+

Medium: Cake Watercolor

We LOVE using cake watercolors (or watercolor trays, as some call them). Learn fundamental color mixing and wash techniques with this worksheet demo. Art Techniques: color...

Baby Sea Otter

Grades: 1 – 6+

Medium: Cake Watercolor

Want to create an adorable baby sea otter, learn fun facts about them, and learn helpful art techniques? This is just the video for you!Art...

Arctic Seal Pup

Grades: K – 2

Medium: Chalk Pastel

Arctic Seals pups are only white to help blend in with the ice they live on! Bundle up and jump into this adorable video...