Art Consultation

These consultations are so that we can help get to know your young artists and for us to help recommend videos.

This questionnaire is about your goals for your class and/or young artist and will help us create a customized pathway of lessons on our site. Our Artist Mentors are here to partner with you in your child's or classroom's art education. Let's get started!

  • Are you using Inspyr Arts ED in:
  • Student Grade(s)
  • Homeschoolers and Teachers: What are some of your artists favorite things to draw? (i.e. people, cartoons, cats, flowers etc)
  • Homeschool Only: Which media is your artist most comfortable using:
  • Teachers Only: What media are you most comfortable using in your classroom?
  • Homeschool Only: Which media would your artist like to improve on the most?
  • Teachers Only: What subjects would you like Art to be incorporated in?
  • What areas of art would they like to improve upon?
  • What are your goals for your artist(s)?
  • How often would you like your student(s) to do art?
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